Blockchain Training In Velachery, Chennai

Chennai Trainings is one of the best Blockchain Training in Velachery, Chennai. We are Blockchain course provider in Velachery with expert trainers and fully interactive class. We provide a Blockchain training in Velachery with 100% placement support with online training and classroom training in Velachery, Chennai. Blockchain course is available on both weekdays and weekend classes in Velachery, Chennai. We provide a basic level of Blockchain training to expert level of Blockchain training in Chennai. Contact 09655 992 993 for best Blockchain Training in Velachery, Chennai.

Blockchain Course In Velachery, Chennai

Blockchain course in Velachery provides best Blockchain training for students and job assistance in Chennai Trainings. We offer Blockchain course in Velachery, Chennai and Blockchain classes to students like current college students, passed out students, working employees and corporate training in Velachery, Chennai. We provide Blockchain training in Velachery with flexible timings for part-time working employees and students in Velachery, Chennai.

Blockchain Training Institute In Velachery, Chennai 

Chennai Training is the best training institute in Chennai which provides best Blockchain courses and they can handle from basics to expert level of training in Velachery, Chennai. Learning Blockchain course in Chennai Trainings will bring you up in the career of booming technology. Chennai Trainings is the best training institute in Chennai which provides best Blockchain course in Velachery, Chennai. Chennai Trainings is extensively providing the best Blockchain Training in Velachery for those who like to grow themselves by learning this scope of technology.

Blockchain Training Centre In Velachery, Chennai

Are you planning for Blockchain training in Velachery, Chennai? Chennai Trainings in Velachery will be the best choice for learning Blockchain course at an affordable cost. We are the best Blockchain training centre in Chennai provides both online training and classroom training in Chennai. Blockchain Training in Velachery contains real-time examples and practical sessions at Chennai Trainings. We have more than 10 years of experienced faculty and real-time experienced trainers in Chennai Trainings.

Overview of Blockchain Training

A blockchain, originally blockchain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data. It is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way”. A Blockchain is a type of diary or spreadsheet containing information about transactions. Each transaction generates a hash. If a transaction is approved by a majority of the nodes then it is written into a block. Each block refers to the previous block and together make the Blockchain. Blockchain is a distributed database existing on multiple computers at the same time. It is constantly growing as new sets of recordings, or ‘blocks’, are added to it. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block, so they form a chain. Electronic currencies and payments. It is well known that blockchain technology can be used to build cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin is a working example of this. Blockchain technology enables electronic transactions that are resilient even when large amounts of money are at stake. Forget Bitcoin: Blockchain is the Future. Cryptocurrencies of all types make use of distributed ledger technology known as the blockchain. However, blockchain technology remains a quickly-growing area of growth for companies across a host of industries. A blockchain is a database because it is a digital ledger that stores information in data structures called blocks. However, while a blockchain is a database, a database is not a blockchain. They are not interchangeable in a sense that though they both store information, they differ in design.

Blockchain Salary In Chennai

Blockchain with required competence can expect about a package of 40,000 to 65,000 Which is the average.

Blockchain Course Duration In Chennai

45 Hrs of theoretical and practical sessions.

Blockchain Training In Velachery Locations

Our Blockchain Training Centre in Chennai

Vijaya Nagar,



Tamil Nadu 600042

Chennai Trainings is located in Velachery, Chennai. We are one of the quality Blockchain training centre in Velachery, Chennai. Blockchain course in Velachery is the best course to place in MNC’s. It is the perfect choice for Blockchain training in Velachery, Chennai.

Syllabus For Blockchain Training In Velachery

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Studying the Origin of Blockchain
  • Objectives of Blockchain
  • Understanding Cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
  • Regulation and Cryptocurrencies
  • Primitives and Protocols
  • Blockchain Users and Adoption
  • Advantages of using Blockchain
  • Challenges in Blockchain
  • Developments in Blockchain
  • Future of Blockchain

Blockchain Data Structures and Bitcoin

  • Understanding Blockchain Data Structures
  • Defining Bitcoin
  • Blockchain TOC Bitcoin
  • Studying Keys as Identity
  • Ways of Storing Bitcoin Keys
  • Setting up your own Blockchain
  • Building a Blockchain Solution
  • Trade with Bitcoins
  • Global Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Understanding Digital Signatures
  • Hashes and Hashes as Addresses
  • Hash Pointers and Data Structures
  • Studying Blockchain Transactions
  • Blockchain Block Structures

Blockchain Mining

  • Understanding Mining
  • Concept of Miners
  • Operation of Miners
  • Business Model of Miners
  • Defining the Bitcoin Network
  • Understanding the Bitcoin Mining Process
  • Mining Developments

Mechanics of Bitcoin

  • Buying and Selling Bitcoin
  • Understanding Bitcoin Source
  • Bitcoin Wallets
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Transcriptions
  • Scripts and Blocks
  • Peer-to-peer Network
  • Security Measures

Blockchain Objectives and Extensions

  • What are Blockchain Objectives?
  • Why Extend Blockchain?
  • Defining Altcoins
  • Defining Colored Coins
  • Side Contracts

 Bitcoin Blockchain Adoption

  • Bitcoin Adoption
  • Adoption Metrics
  • Studying Blockchain Demographics
  • Blockchain Geographic Distribution
  • Understanding Blockchain TOC

Future Trends in Blockchain

  • Studying the Future Trends in Blockchain
  • Transactions Limitations
  • Understanding Additional Blockchains
  • What is Hyperledger?
  • Dynamic Shared Ledger
  • Studying Ripple
  • Defining R3
  • Core Layers of a Blockchain
  • Data Layer
  • Network Layer
  • Consensus Layer
  • Blockchain and Cloud Computing
  • Cloud-Based Blockchains

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Blockchain: Innovation Theory
  • Blockchain Value Chains
  • Blockchain Investments
  • Blockchain FinTech Innovation
  • Letters of Credit
  • Blockchain Technology and Startups
  • Data Provenance in Blockchain

Blockchain Public Policy

  • Understanding Blockchain Public Policy
  • Studying Bitcoin Blockchain Background
  • Blockchain and Mainstream
  • Blockchain Community
  • Blockchain and Central Banks
  • Blockchain and Law Enforcements
  • Blockchain and Government Regulations
  • Blockchain and Response to Public Policy


How Do I Enrol For The Blockchain Training In Velachery At Chennai Trainings?

You can contact at 09655 992 993 or directly walk into our Blockchain training in Velachery to join Blockchain course in Chennai

What Will Be The Size Of A Blockchain Training Batch At Chennai Trainings?

We at Chennai training Blockchain training in Velachery will give individual attention to students so that they will be able to clarify all the doubts.

How Equipped Are The Blockchain Faculties At Chennai Training?

Our Blockchain training in Velachery faculty member is industry expert and has experience in real-time application and more than 10 years of experience.

What Is The Payment Modes Accepted In Training In Velachery?

Both hot cash and net banking is available on Chennai Training

What Is The Blockchain Course Duration In Chennai Trainings?

Blockchain training in Velachery is 35 Hrs of theoretical and practical sessions.

What Are The Different Training Mode At Training In Velachery?

  • Classroom training
  • One to One training
  • Fast track training
  • Online training
  • Customized training

Blockchain Training In Velachery Testimonials

Hi! Myself Aiswarya. I took Blockchain training in Velachery at Chennai Trainings where I improved my technical knowledge. It helped me to increase my confidence and I got Job in an IT company. Thanks to Chennai Trainings.

– Aishwarya, Chennai

I am Kishore, I studied Blockchain training in Velachery at Chennai Trainings. They have a classroom with fully equipped with training materials and video lectures for online classes. Trainers are available always to assist the students in clearing doubts.

– Kishore, Velachery

Chennai Trainings provides you real-time Blockchain training in Velachery at Chennai. They provide wifi enabled well-structured classroom and live online training. They provide a weekend class for the working professionals who cannot take weekday class.

– Supradha, Velachery

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